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Why Call The Game Studios Experts

The development of mobile games is an important skill to master due to the numerous benefits associated with it. Mobile games are played throughout the world to entertain. The creation of mobile-based games can be an excellent opportunity to bring a fresh income stream to your.

Mobile games are among the top-rated games available on both Google’s Play store as well as apple’s app store. The mobile game market worldwide has generated $7.7 billion in player spend through the app store as well as google play in August 2021. This represents an growth of 8.6 percent over the previous year. (sensortower)

In 2022, the revenue from the mobile gaming industry is predicted to be us$164.10 billion (statista). The revenue is projected to increase year-on-year and is expected to reach us$241.40 billion by 2027.

These estimates show how massive the industry of mobile games is and continues to expand. Being a part of this massive industry and the rapid growth that follows it is definitely worth the effort. Here are a few advantages of mobile game development.

Mobile game development has many benefits

There are numerous advantages that make making mobile games worth the effort. Most mobile games are designed to entertain and educate. Here are a few advantages of designing games for mobile devices.


Making mobile games is an excellent source of income regardless of whether you’re an instructor, freelancer or even a business are employed full-time as a mobile game developer can provide you with an income of a decent amount.

It was reported that pubg mobile made 1.18 billion dollars during the beginning of the calendar year 2021 (statista). King’s Candy Crush saga brought in $4.2 million per day in 2018 , according to sensors tower. This shows that games on mobile can generate a lot of money.

Find solutions to problems

Mobile games can be used to aid and resolve the problems of others. There are games for mobile that were designed to assist students improve their skills and resolve problems at school. Games like duolingo that can be described as a mobile-based game can assist you in learning new languages.

The issue of boredom is a major one for many What better method to combat boredom than to play games on your smartphone? Other players can play games on mobile devices to learn to drive and also to enjoy themselves with their players through multiplayer features.

The ability to create mobile games that can solve issues and bring entertainment is an incredibly valuable contributing to the growth of people and their health.


There are a lot of companies that develop mobile games all over the globe. These game studios provide employment for many mobile game developers. Companies like glu mobile, Ea Mobile and many more employ many games developers for mobile.

It is also possible to build your own business that focuses on mobile game development to create jobs for others. This makes the development of mobile games worthwhile.

Learning to improve your programming abilities

To develop mobile games, you’ll work using games engines and animation programs and programming languages, such as C++ for the unreal engine C# for Unity 3D, javascript to platcanvas and many more.

You’ll also be exposed to APIs and databases, payment gateways and programming languages that are used on servers to build the backend system for the mobile game. Utilizing these languages of programming and other technologies can help when working on other projects apart from mobile games.

Working for major game studios

The ability to develop mobile games will help you get an entry-level job within the mobile division of major game companies like ea, ubisoft, activision jam city, blizzard pocket gems, niantic, Roblox, and a lot more.

These companies offer many wonderful advantages for developers. working in any of these companies is an opportunity many developers would love.

Making mobile games are costly and time-consuming. To be able to set up a number of things in place. you have to know the platform (android or IOS) you’re creating for, the range of game features infrastructure for backend, apis databases, and so on.

It’s challenging, but not difficult to say the least. Utilizing games engines such as unreal, unity 3D playcanvas and blend4web, game maker studio babylon.Js and many more allows mobile game development to be relatively simple.

It is also contingent on the task you’re working on as well as your knowledge in programming. In the end, developing mobile games is not difficult but it can be challenging, and that’s the reason it’s worth it.

Are mobile game developers in an opportunity in the future?

As the mobile gaming industry is expanding and expanding, there is a demand for game developers who can keep up with the rapid growth to come.

In addition, the increasing number of game startup companies around the globe has added to the increasing demand for and the need for game developers who can work on mobile devices.

Developers of mobile games are needed to maintain security, maintenance as well as upgrades to current mobile games. Due to this, there’s definitely a bright potential for developers of games on mobile.

How can I become an experienced mobile game developer?

The best mobile game developers are focused on simplicity, solving issues that all over the world face, and solving the gaps other mobile games haven’t left. Start by identifying the issue, after identifying the issue it is then possible to develop your game as an answer.

If you think of popular mobile games, like candy crush, you will find it simple and straightforward to play. It also includes a simple leaderboard that keeps players interested. These combinations have attracted lots of players, and have resulted in billions of dollars of revenue for King.

You could also be a game developer who is successful by studying other game developers. You can gain knowledge from what they’ve created as well as what they have written, their structure, issues they are trying to solve, as well as the software they utilize. Github is a great place to discover open-source projects that you can learn from.


In the end it is evident that the development of mobile games is a skill worth taking the time to learn. The rapid growth of the mobile game industry will ensure that developers of mobile games will remain around for many years to come.

You’ll also provide entertainment as well as solving problems for the people you serve by creating games for mobile devices that satisfy the needs of players. Mobile game development allows you earn money as a freelancer or a tutor, or even an ongoing job.

The difficulties you’ll encounter while creating mobile games can help you improve your problem-solving abilities both in your programming and the world as a whole. The process of learning mobile game development is definitely worth the effort.