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Behind-the-scenes tours at the abu Dhabi National Aquarium

Explore an underwater world that is brimming alive at National Aquarium, Abu Dhabi. The aquarium was inaugurated in November 2021. this National Aquarium houses more than 46,000 marine species which makes it the biggest aquarium within the Middle East (for now!)

Its captivating thematic displays with high-tech interactive elements as well as an array of experiences that are immersive A visit to National Aquarium is a must. National Aquarium should be high on the top of your Abu Dhabi ‘to-do list’ especially if traveling with your relatives.

What can you be expecting at the National Aquarium? National Aquarium

The aquarium is situated within The Al Qana development, Abu Dhabi The National Aquarium is a magnificent structure located on the south of the site that is easily seen at Khaleej Al Arabi Street. The aquarium is divided into various zones that you travel through while on your sea journey. Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll discover within each.

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UAE Natural Treasures

The first area of the National Aquarium is ‘UAE National Treasures’. The visitors enter the zone through an elevated walkway that leads to the lagoon, which is filled with the rehabilitated sea turtles. All the turtles in the exhibit belong to the rehabilitation program of the aquarium that highlights the crucial conservation work performed by National Aquarium.

A Wreck from the Red Sea

The other exhibit is “Red Sea Wreck”. The room is designed like a sunken ship , with massive openings in the ship’s walls that the largest coral reef within the Middle East can be viewed. The tanks house an amazing assortment of colorful corals and huge and stern-looking grouper fish.

The Atlantic Cave

This is where you can explore the deepest parts of the ocean within an stalactite-rich cave. In this cave, you can discover the horseshoe crab from prehistoric times one of the oldest animals to exist on earth.

The Sub

When you listen to the sound of the radar and you are able to enter the deep sea submarine to observe huge lobsters and the undiscovered Nautilus.

Ring of Fire Ring of Fire

A variety of interactive exhibits within this theme park for the Pacific educate viewers about the creation of islands and marine volcanic environments.

Ocean Magic

This exhibit focuses on unique sea creatures, including elaborate Sea Dragons and mesmerising jellyfish. The way the exhibits are presented is quite unique featuring an traditional British telephone box and Volkswagen Beetle having been transformed into aquariums of fish.

The Frozen Ocean

When the temperature dips, you’re in a zone with creatures that hail from cooler climates. The main attraction is the only Middle East exhibit of puffins. It is possible to get close and personal by peeking into the domes of glass beneath their natural habitat, or participate in animal encounters at 180 AED.

The Flooded Forest

Beware! Piranhas, Poison Dart Frogs as well as Bird-Eating spiders as well as the Electric Eel all inhabit this area. The good news is that they’re kept far from the public in enclosed cases, in contrast to the numerous tropical birds that fly throughout the exhibit. The Zone also has Bella and Rio’s play area and a play area designed specially designed for children.

Bu Tinah Island

When you exit the swampy forest as you leave the forest, you enter an enormous exposition space that has shallow pools to the longest walk-through glass tunnel that is located in the Middle East. Mantarays, zebra sharks , and Hammerhead sharks flutter through the water as you go through their abyssal world.

Behind-the-scenes tour at the National Aquarium

In addition to the areas mentioned above, there’s an option to pay an extra fee and enjoy a behind the scenes tour. The guides are knowledgeable and friendly and the behind-the scenes tours are worth the extra cost.

In the course of guided tours, visitors will go to the hospital for animals and other hidden locations. Visitors will be given a thorough description of the recent rescue of an Whale Shark that had entered canals within one of the residential areas of Abu Dhabi, as well as a visit to the turtles that live in the rehabilitation center of the aquarium.

In exchange for a small cost visitors are able to feed the fish using the glass bridge that crosses the tank , which is above the walkway tunnel.

The National Aquarium offers Animal Encounters in the National Aquarium

The National Aquarium offers three ‘Animal Encounters. They include the Jungle Encounter includes swimming with freshwater rays. The Arctic Encounter involves feeding the puffins. There is also the option of feeding sharks during the Ocean Encounter.

Each visit cost 180 AED and provides general accessibility to the National Aquarium.

In-depth learning opportunities are available are available at the National Aquarium

Education in the house is the main priority. Students as many as 50,000 can be invited to the museum each year during school excursions in the Junior Marine Biologist program.

After-school Marine Biologist programme is designed for children between 5 and 15 years old. It offers various hands-on activities.

Plan your excursion for Abu Dhabi’s National Aquarium, Abu Dhabi

In order to make maximum enjoyment from your time at Abu Dhabi’s newest family-friendly attraction debut, we’ve compiled important tips to plan your trip:
How do I get to the National Aquarium

The National Aquarium is located in the brand-new Al Qana development in the Khor Al Maqta area of the city. The most efficient way to reach the aquarium is via private vehicle or taxi. There is plenty of parking at the aquarium.

National Aquarium National Aquarium is also located near The Rabdan Khaleej al Arabi Street Interchange. It is accessible via bus no. 56, which is located in Downtown Abu Dhabi.

What is the cost of cost the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi cost?

They are needed for guests aged 3 years or older.

105 AED General Admission (10 zones)
130 AED beyond The Glass (General Admission plus Aquarium tour, behind-the scenes tour, and the glass bridge)
150 AED for Bu Tinah Dhow (General Admission plus Aquarium journey Glass-bottomed boat tour, and feeding of fish)
200AED All Access (General Admission to the aquarium behind-the-scenes experience the glass bridge, glass-bottom boat tours and feeding of fish)

There are different animal encounters that are separate These tickets are included in your General Admission ticket.

180 AED Arctic Entry
180 AED Ocean View

For annual pass holders, the price is 399 dollars.

Be aware that children younger than 12 years of age must be in the presence of an adult.

National Aquarium Timings

Open seven days a semaine 10 am to 10:30 pm

What is the minimum time I’ll need to be in National Aquarium? National Aquarium?

If you intend to explore the general areas that are accessible to the aquarium, it could be completed in less than two hours. The tour behind the scenes takes around 30 minutes. There is also time for cruises on dhows and the animal experiences.

If you plan to go during peak hours or on a holiday, it is recommended to take extra time to plan your visit since lines for behind-the-scenes tours as well as encounters with animals are more likely.

What visitor amenities are available in National Aquarium? National Aquarium?

The National Aquarium is well-designed with restrooms on every level. Like many tourist attractions, you can exit through the shop for gifts, which offers various marine-related merchandise in addition to more general souvenirs relating to Abu Dhabi.

There’s also a small cafe that sells basic snacks on the ground level at the National Aquarium. Young marine explorers are certain to enjoy the shortbread biscuits with whale designs!

The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi is accessible to wheelchairs and strollers throughout.

What else is included in this development? Al Qana construction?

Al Qana describes itself as a concept for living that places wellness and social dining at the core of it. It extends 2.4 kilometers across the shoreline, it is home to a wide range of chic restaurants and cafes as well as a huge gym-cum-wellness center. There’s also an upscale cinema as well as a gaming shop.