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Top 4 reasons to choose Corfu car rental

The summer is quickly approaching and that vacation you had booked to Corfu some time ago isn’t an impossible wish now. You charter flight for Corfu and the accommodation you booked were booked months in advance. But did you think about what is one of the important aspects of your vacation?

The best and lowest-cost Car Rental in Corfu airport can ensure that your ideal holiday be a reality

Corfu island is pretty large and therefore isn’t an island one could simply explore on the foot. It’s not as if you’ll ride an electric bike or bus to get around. This is the type of place that requires you to be able to count on a reliable, good vehicle. Based on the size of your group, it should be a vehicle that can comfortably accommodate all. You can discover the numerous attractions Corfu offers.

It is crucial to spend your time and allocate a portion of your budget to the rental of your car in Corfu. If you consider your car hire as the initial and perhaps the last one you’ll have during your trip, you might be surprised by the influence it’s going to affect your Corfu vacation.

We recommend you reserve your Corfu car rental at the terminal , instead of calling taxis. This is, after all, the point where your holiday begins.

If you require assistance to determine why you should hire a vehicle Here are our top four reasons to make use of our services.

1.We are a family-owned and operated local company.

The business was established several years ago. We only had a limited number of vehicles at the time however, we had a massive goal to be the highlight of your vacation in Corfu. We are proud of our service to our customers and as we’re family owned, we can afford the privilege of providing our customers with an individual service. We believe that, as the initial point of contact following you arrive at Corfu Airport, that you must be treated with the respect you are entitled to.

Our company’s stability has been maintained for this long because we are a family that relies on each other. We make decisions about the car rental business as a group and not as a multinational company across the world.
The flexibility we are able to afford as a family-owned company is evident in the level of service we’ve offered our customers since the year 1980. With the help of trial and error we be able to identify and refine procedures that are best for our rental car business. Our primary focus is focused on you, our customer, and your specific desires. We rely on your comments to take quick decisions that positively impact your overall experience while visiting Corfu. Therefore, our policies aren’t formulated from a different region of the world. Our decisions do not take place inside the walls of a building with a high rise. This is not a remote process, far from the demands of our customers.
The word “commitment” is prominent in our language. The very existence of our family-owned business is dependent on it. It’s almost impossible to attain this level of dedication in large, international car rental chains. Through this commitment that we can build more solid customer relationships. As a result, we are competitive because we have the advantage of being able to comprehend your requirements.

2. Our extensive fleet of vehicles will be able to meet your requirements

No matter if you’re traveling in a couple, a solo or with your family, we’ve got the vehicles to meet your requirements.

The demands of trade have grown dramatically. Tourism industry has increased to new levels. As have the expectations and requirements of those who are looking to rent a car to enjoy their vacation in Corfu. We are always striving to not only keep pace with the latest developments in the rental car industry but also be at least a step ahead of the curve. We are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers. Our fleet of vehicles has grown by 10 times over the years. We now have tourist buses across Corfu’s island. Corfu.

We have an array of automobiles. Starting with the 2-seater Smart Mercedes vehicles or SUV’s for families with larger numbers and luggage, convertible luxurious beauties that are perfect for relaxing journeys across Corfu.

3. No stress when booking

Do you ever see websites that offer the option that you can book services using the use of credit cards and without deposits? Credit cards are so popular that they’ve become the engine of today’s financial market. They are the only way to guarantee anything especially in the tourism and car rental industries. Here’s the place we assist. In spite of the wide use of credit cards around the world There are still those who don’t have one. We’ve yet to locate an auto rental service (especially when we travel to Europe and the USA) and that will permit you to drive away without the prior assurance from credit card.

Being a family-owned company we are able to think out of the box and take more of a humane approach to this issue. Our online booking system will allow you to complete your booking and ensure the availability of your vehicle when you arrive in Corfu airport. We take note of everyone’s desires for a holiday and respond to these needs. We don’t ask you for a deposit either. We’re convinced that your trip should not be a stressful experience in any way. What car rental firms have you met with such levels of confidence in the process of renting a car?

4. Staff with experience are waiting for you

Our team has been growing and growing over the course of our years of our operation. Family members from our company have witnessed and handled more customer demands than the average employee of our competitors’ car hire in Corfu. They have dealt with a variety of problems and had to come up solutions immediately to avoid delays. Since we don’t need to go through the lengthy policies that multinational chains have to deal with, customer inquiries are addressed in a swift and efficient way.